We do supply and delivery of beverages such as malt, beer, wines, water to:

  • Sub distributors
  • Retailers
  • Hotels, bars, lounges, beer parlour, car wash
  • Events, events planners such as wedding, birthday, concerts.

What can you find at Brij?

Some of the common brands you can find in our warehouse are:

  • Beta Malt, Grand Malt, Maltina, Dubic Malt, etc.
  • Hero Lager Beer, Trophy Lager Beer, Life Beer, 33 Export, Budweiser, Trophy Extra Stout, Heineken, Guinness Stout, Legend Stout, etc.
  • Assorted soft drinks

All available in Cans, Pets and Bottles.

Are you an event planner or a convener? We are here for all your needs!